Vukani Environmental Justice Movement

We are Vukani Environmental Justice Movement in Action based in Emalahleni (Witbank), in Mpumalanga in the Highveld region. We exist on the ground as (VEM) VUKANI Evironmental Movement.We are a non profit organisation that was established in 2016.


We are focused on environmental justice issues like Air Pollution, Climate Change and Energy, Water and Sanitation, Waste and Food Gardens; where we promote backyards gardens, Just Transition and the deadly air case that will be heard in the high court in May 2021.


  • To advocate for policies that promote growth without violating human rights.
  • To encourage community monitoring and liase with municipalities to monitor and enforce compliance with regulations.
  • To promote awarerness of environmental justice within the Highveld and the country.
  • Seek to create unity amongst environmental and social justice, faith,labour, youth,women and other relevant organisation based in the Highveld in order to have a common voice on environmental justice.
  • Be a platform of solidarity for local communities against environmental injustices relevant to the Highveld and/or its people. Educate , organise and mobilize with organizations and the public on environmental issues relevant to the Highveld and/or its people.
  • Educate, organise and mobilise with organisations and the public on environmental justice issues relevant to the Highveld and/or its people
  • Respond to grassroots concerns on environmental injustices relevant to the Highveld and/or its people.
  • Conduct research and report on environmental injustices in the Highveld and its people.


During the covid it is the hardest time ever because of the work we do that we are used to engaging with communities face to face and have dialogue in specific issues at hand but during this time we have to had to meet via social media, which has been a hard expirience and not having all the tools needed to effectively do carry our work out.


To see people in the Highveld living in an environment that is not harmful to their health and wellbeing.


To garner solidarity with those mostly affected by the pandemic. To see the poorest amongst our communities served, especially during this pandemic. For injustices perpetrated by the “business community” to not be tolerated especially during the pandemic. The sick and most vulnerable in our communities to be treated with the dignity they deserve.


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62 Ukhahlamba Street │ Ext 2 Zone 14
EMalahleni │ 1039 Mpumalanga Province.
t: +27 82 855 7374/ │ +27 0797489115