Ubumbano Solidarity Action – An invitation for proposals that support solidarity action

ACT Ubumbano invites proposals from community activists, organisations, churches and organisations of faith for support for solidarity action that targets injustices faced by their communities. These actions may be responses to the impact of COVID, climate change or economic injustice on communities, or they may be campaigns to change particular situations that communities are struggling with.

ACT Ubumbano is a network of organisations working for social justice in different fields. We believe that there is strength in collaboration, and by sharing knowledge and experience – and by linking up for joint action where possible – communities can more effectively defend their dignity and bring change.

The Ubumbano Solidarity Action initiative is a platform where we can facilitate connection of people and organisations, and provide limited financial support (max. ZAR30.000) to enable those connections and actions to take place.

The proposals for support should not be longer than 2 pages, and can be submitted via email to ashley@actubumbano.org, and should respond to the following questions:

  • What are the challenges you are facing in your community or in your area of work?
  • How is the action being proposed respond to the challenge?
  • How does the proposed action involve those who are most affected by the issue to be addressed?
  • Is the action something that you have done before? And has that action been effective?
  • Is there anything new or innovative in how you plan to undertake the action?
  • What support do you need to do the work? This could be practical skills such as media work, or support on how to organise a campaign, or partnership with another organisation.
  • If you require funds, what will the money be used for? Provide a simple budget against which you will need to report on use of the funds.
  • Do you plan to work with any other organisations, churches, or faith institutions?

The opportunity is open to any organisation or association that is part of the ACT Ubumbano network, or willing to work with ACT Ubumbano partner organisations in Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Any funding support that may be provided in this initiative is intended to help with taking action for change or in solidarity with those who are under stress. It is not intended for general or core support for organisations, although some of the funds will need to be used for organisational costs.

It is expected that proposals will need to be discussed in order to make the most of the opportunity for collaboration. Contact any of the ACT Ubumbano team, Ashley, Zanele or Thabo, for these to conversations to happen, and to find out more about the ACT Ubumbano Solidarity Action initiative.