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Gender & Economic Justice: Realizing a More Gendered Approach to Rebuilding the Economy

Women bear the brunt of holding society together and rebuilding society along the fault lines of a myriad of consequences. Women are marginalised by lower wages, discrimination, and unequal opportunities in the workplace despite their invaluable contribution to the economy. Join this four-part series to assess the economic, political, and social roles of women in […]

Ubumbano Partner Profiles: Workers’ World Media Productions (WWMP)

WWMP is a non-profit organisation specialising in media development, mass education and leadership skills training for building the organising and leadership capacity of poor and marginalised communities. Established in 1999, it has in the last decade shifted the location of its projects to unorganised precarious workers and poor working-class communities. Its work focuses on developing […]

Dignity during Covid – Support for women and girls

“We sometimes squeeze together limited funds to buy groceries, also milk to feed our babies. There is not always money for pads. Due to COVID-19 we found ourselves unexpectedly in crisis with drastic setbacks.” – Masi The COVID pandemic has placed young women and girls in precarious positions, and as families have had to prioritise […]

NPOwer Free Mental Health Support for NPO’s in South Africa

NPOwer is a first-of-its kind NPO Mental Health Support Programme and 24-hour toll-free Helpline offering FREE Mental Health care and support to all NPO’s in South Africa. NPO’s always provide help, resources and support to others, but never before has their mental health been prioritised. In a partnership between Tshikululu Social Investments and SADAG (South […]

Learning Hub #6 – Week of 19 October 2020

In many public campaigns, people are called upon to act in the interest of the ‘voiceless, unseen and powerless’ with little recognition being given to the agency, dignity, courage and ability of those ‘voiceless’ to understand and propose alternatives to the complex socio-economic issues that our country and region are experiencing. Learning Hub #6 will […]