Ubumbano Partner Profiles: Workers’ World Media Productions (WWMP)

WWMP is a non-profit organisation specialising in media development, mass education and leadership skills training for building the organising and leadership capacity of poor and marginalised communities. Established in 1999, it has in the last decade shifted the location of its projects to unorganised precarious workers and poor working-class communities. Its work focuses on developing mass media platforms with target groups to produce their own media while at the same time producing informative and educational weekly radio and TV shows involving over 30 community broadcasters as well as an electronic newspaper, Elitsha, that distributes articles daily via social media.

WWMP assisted waste-pickers in Western Cape, community healthcare workers nationally, farmworkers in various rural areas and ex-mineworkers to establish independent organisations to enable them to campaign and deal directly with authorities. These groups have also established 16 Labour Community Media Forums (LCMF’s) in poor communities around the country. They meet every fortnight to direct their campaigns towards issues such as community service delivery, food security, housing and unemployment. WWMP supports these LCMF’s and organisations with training, media development and organising across multiple themes including democracy and civic participation, gender and women’s oppression, anti-discrimination (racism, homophobia and xenophobia), the environmental crisis and responses, occupational health and safety and vulnerable or marginalized workers as well as job-creation.

See examples of WWMP COVID-19 video documentary productions for Community Healthcare Workers and Homebased Workers and Co-operatives. For more information visit the WWMP website.