Gender & Economic Justice: Realizing a More Gendered Approach to Rebuilding the Economy

Women bear the brunt of holding society together and rebuilding society along the fault lines of a myriad of consequences. Women are marginalised by lower wages, discrimination, and unequal opportunities in the workplace despite their invaluable contribution to the economy.

Join this four-part series to assess the economic, political, and social roles of women in Africa, how these have been shaped historically and altered during times of crises.

06-Nov-20 The Economy, The Church, COVID 19: A Gendered Perspective
13-Nov-20 The Informal Economy During a Global Health Pandemic
20-Nov-20 Care Economy, Gendered Roles & The Church
27-Nov-20 Food Security & COVID19: Assessing the Impacts on Women & Girls

Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Passcode: 027791