ImPower’d Woman Book Club

We have created a network of women, a safe space where we support and celebrate one another. What we have learnt is that women struggles are similar. At times, we feel like we are not deserving of the spaces we find ourselves in. We have had ladies make contact outside of the group, stating that they don’t feel like they have achieved much, as there is women doing amazing work in the group. When they engage, we help them see things differently, and celebrate where they are. The platform accommodates women from all walks of life. In terms of our practice, we learnt that one needs to be willing to put in the work for their own development. The approach we use is a hand up, not a hand out.

Our dream is to run the organisation as a global movement. We plan to organise an annual conference where women who are part of our network can come together and celebrate each other. This will be ImPower’d Woman Awards, and focus on a broad range of categories. We also plan to launch ImPower’d Kidz Book Club, where we will assist each other with strategies that we can use to read to our children. Lastly, we want to write our own book where women stories will be told.

Solidarity to us is all about standing together for a common cause. Ours is that of women empowerment, and what brings us together is the books we read on a monthly basis. As we read, we also get an opportunity to tackle women issues, and also be there for one another. We are united, for our own development. Social justice speaks to equity, and ensuring that barriers that prohibit the equal exercise of rights and privileges are removed. There is a lot of opportunities that exclude woman, so we have created a network where we share opportunities amongst each other. As women, we can and we must.

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