Cape Town

A group of activists in Cape Town met to explore setting up a network around the Ubumbano Voice App. The group included – among others,  Inclusive and Affirming Ministries (IAM), Green Anglicans, Triangle Project and representatives from University of Cape Town. The group explored using the Ubumbano App  as a platform to support existing work of organisations, as well as deepen the awareness and active voices of community activists.


Activists in the south western townships in Johannesburg have been meeting for 3 months and formed themselves into the South West Activists Network. This formation is the outcome of extending the Ubumbano Voice App to new communities. In their first activity network members engaged with young women in their communities to get their voice on critical issues that affect young women living in the township. They will be publishing these stories and  posting it on the Ubumbano Voice App and website, and hope that this will lead to greater involvement of young women in the Network.