Refugees in Cape Town

Refugees sit in opposite Green Market Square in Cape Town as the city bustles with tourists, vendors and buskers. Under the banner, ‘Refugees in South Africa want to leave this country: Xenophobic,’ mothers with babies line the pavement express their vulnerability and loss.

The Stalls outside in Green Market Square, whereby some foreign nationals are busy with their businesses as usual in spite of what is happening to others because they want to squatting in/outside the Mall and it’s quite sad.

My eyes were highlighted by these people sitting on Cape Town streets, they want to go home and they still don’t feel safe around South Africans. I thought that this war was over but little I knew it is not. Kids are not at school because they have to be around their parents for safety reasons.

Today, 29 October 2019, I witness a human experience perspective. In the midst of xenophobic sentiments within Cape Town. Some of our foreign brothers and sisters continue with business as usual at the Green Market Square. This is the ultimate balance of fighting for human rights and making a living.