Partner Profile – Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO)

Nancholi is a small rural district nestled in the hills surrounding the city of Blantyre, the second-largest city in Malawi. Nancholi is bursting with bustling markets, local schools, and church choirs singing; the rejoicing spirit of the local people is infectious. But dig below the surface and you will find the evidence of the problems challenging this community. Health care, education, and gender equality are huge issues throughout Malawi, particularly in rural areas such as Nancholi.

Having experienced these challenges in their own lives, in 2004 four local youths formed Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO), a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) whose mission was to help those suffering from HIV/AIDS by providing social, nutritional, and educational support. 14 years on and NAYO’s mission, values and outreach have only grown, thanks to the dedication of their committed staff members, who work alongside overseas short-term volunteers from across the globe. No two days at the office are the same: from youth groups to sports training, to health care clinics to gender empowerment workshops, NAYO’s numerous projects continue to work towards fulfilling the needs of the surrounding community.

Nacholi has 5 pillars that it operates under and these are:

• Under-five clinic – public health offering for children 5 years and under
• Community based childcare centre
• Water, sanitation, and hygiene
• Youth activities
• Resource mobilization

ACT Ubumbano is supporting an initiative empowering girls with menstrual hygiene solutions in Malawi. Click here to watch a short video, and visit NAYO’s website here.