Council of Swaziland Churches

The Council of Swaziland Churches (CSC) is one of the umbrella bodies of churches in the country, established in 1976. As the church we have always been concerned with social, economic and political lives of all emaSwati and thus concerned with what is currently happening in the kingdom of eSwatini.

The Council of Swaziland Churches is a non partisan faith based group advocating for social peace and fundamental human rights. The Council is made of different churches whose membership comes from both sides of the isle. By virtue of its membership, the Council would therefore not be able to take sides but concerned with peace and human dignity and strongly believe in meaningful dialogue as a mean of resolving disputes. The Church believes that dissenting voices should also be heard so that people remain equal as they are all a creation of the God we serve. It is for this reason that the Council of Swaziland Churches has always been vocal when it comes to social justice issues and the violation of fundamental human rights.

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