Lack of Water While Women’s Day is Celebrated

It is women’s month, but in Sekhukhune, South Africa, we still see things that will break your heart. It is on 8 August 2019 just a few hours before Women’s Day but lack of water forced a local woman at Sekhukhune to go and do washing at Semene river. While other women enjoy the 9 August 2019, she will be tired as a result of spending the whole day from taking the water from the river using a bucket, pouring into the washing basins, washing the clothes and  collecting the water again to rinse the clothes and she is few meters from the river to wash without disturbances from animals.

She won’t be able to hang the clothes on the smaller trees to dry but will have to take them home while wet and she walks a distance from the river. Some of the cows that drink water from the river eat clothes and there is dust on the trees since August is not a raining month in Sekhukhune. She won’t celebrate women’s day like others because having no water makes her life difficult.