Invitation to Learning Hub #3

– When we stop talking, we stop thinking and creating, and we allow injustice to flourish

ACT Ubumbano is convening a series of Learning Hubs as a facilitated space for activists and social justice actors to reflect, share and learn from solidarity actions that are providing resistance to injustice in our communities. You are invited to the third Learning Hub scheduled for Monday 27 July at 11h00-13h00.

Solidarity as facilitation: Giving voice to people’s struggles!

The Pine Road community in inner-city Cape Town has been neglected for more than two decades and have faced numerous attempts by the municipality to forcibly remove them to locations far away from their lives, history and livelihoods. The Development Action Group (DAG), acting in solidarity with this community, facilitated a set of processes and engagements which supported the people affected to actively engage the City of Cape Town to develop an appropriate solution to meet their housing needs. Using the Pine Road victory as a case study, we will examine the complex set of skills, strategies and experience needed to facilitate change and to consolidate the gains that our activism brings.

We are keeping numbers small to enable greater participation, so please apply early by clicking here. You can find out more by contacting Ashley at or Thabo at ACT Ubumbano can provide data support, if needed, to activists and community-based organisations wishing to participate.