Invitation to ACT Ubumbano Learning Hubs

‘When we stop talking, we stop thinking and creating, and we allow injustice to flourish.’

ACT Ubumbano is a resource to social justice activists and organisations to reflect on their practice and deepen their capacity to be in solidarity with those who struggle for their dignity, even as the COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from being with each other.

And so we will be convening a series of digital Learning Hubs each week for the next few months.  We know that solidarity action does not stop during lockdowns. Instead, social justice organisations and activists have become creative in finding new ways of accompanying those in most need in the community, and pushing back against injustice, violence and oppression. We want to talk about these initiatives.

The Learning Hubs will begin in the second week of June. The first Hub will be discussing [PACSA, CREATE and the COVID-19 Collective and their solidarity drive with communities in Pietermaritzburg – INSERT TOPIC HERE.]

There will be space for a maximum of 10 people in each facilitated session to allow for deep and reflective discussion.

ACT Ubumbano invites organisations to participate by identifying individuals from their networks to be part of these Learning Hubs. We can provide some support to organisations to cover staff time, data and airtime, and other justifiable costs associated with enhancing community capacity to participate in digital platforms. If you are interested, please submit a 1-page concept note with a brief explanation of your work, the people involved (especially fieldworkers and activists), and what support you will need to participate in the learning hubs.

ACT Ubumbano also invites you to share what have you and / or your partners done to advance social justice and raise community voice. Please let us know if you are prepared to share your work as a case study for discussion at a Learning Hub. You can contact Ashley at to discuss this further. All concept notes and motivations to participate can be sent to