Faith Change-Makers: Affirming Human Dignity, Justice, and Freedom for All

We partnered with Faith 2 Action Network, ACT Alliance, and 7 other global faith organisations to convene an Inter-Religious Convention in Johannesburg in early December 2023. Over 160 faith leaders and activists from more than 25 countries across the globe spent three days deliberating on justice and peace, gender justice, and freedom of religious belief and inclusion. New relationships were created and old ones nurtured, and solidarity was deepened for those who find themselves in situations of injustice and oppression. The daily plenary sessions can be accessed on ACT Ubumbano’s YouTube channel. Highlights of these include Fr Peter John Pearson’s dynamic and challenging opening remarks on advocacy and solidarity, and Prof Sarojini Nadar’s powerful provocation on intersecting and inter-religious social justice struggles (God is not Christian, God is not male, God is not white).

You can see pictures of the Convention here.