ACT Ubumbano Solidarity Hub – Berlin, Germany

These are times of significant challenge and opportunity. The gains of many decades of work to shift global systems in the interest of the poor and disenfranchised are under unprecedented threat as conservative, populist, and anti-rights elements connect and align, threatening to erode rights frameworks and consolidate political, economic, and social power. At the same time, across the world we are seeing the emergence and consolidation of formal and informal movements of people who resist this conservative upswing and continue to campaign for justice. These movements are coming together to challenge traditional notions of power and activism, pushing solidarity and development organisations, particularly those based in the global north, to think critically about their future role in the world.

The ACT Ubumbano Solidarity Hub provides safe and honest space for activists, faith workers, and development practitioners who are committed to a praxis grounded in solidarity, to share learning and experience, to interrogate the impact of their individual and collective practice, and to find support and solidarity from others who would share a vision of a better world. The space offered proposes that HOW we do our work is as important, if not more so, than WHAT we do. Going beyond the large scale and weighty analysis of global context, it asks individuals to reflect on personal practice and whether or not this practice reflects the values/politic that underpins their activism. It is hoped that through this deep, personal, and sometimes confronting reflection, good practice is consolidated, and new practice may emerge.

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