ACT Ubumbano Learning Hub #4

Care and connection in the time of COVID: Working slower and deeper

On Tuesday 25 August 2020, ACT Ubumbano will host the 4th in a series of Learning Hubs – a space for critical reflection, learning and action. In this session, Thuli Mjwara of Inclusive and Affirming ministries (IAM) will share her experience on how her personal and professional practice changed to provide care and support to others and to receive support for herself.

COVID-19 has forced us to develop new ways of connecting with each other. As we isolate in our homes and are unable to meet and work together, we have to connect in new and different ways – to support each other, exchange information and simply check in to see how our friends and colleagues are doing. In the Hub, we will discuss the questions: Has the reality of COVID resulted in a more people-centred way of working? Have we returned to a deeper practice of centering our humanity as we focus less on activities and events?

The Learning Hubs are designed to facilitate deep reflection and learning among community activists, and so participant numbers are kept small. You can apply to participate in forthcoming Hubs here.

Organisations and activists are invited to contact us if you have work you would like to be profiled and shared as a learning resource with others.

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