Solidarity Hub – Reflections On the riots in South Africa

Brief clip [2min 1sec] of David Ntseng on social network activism.

Why I say this is a problem, because already then we heard the security cluster, the state security agency saying from now on they will monitor and track the use of these tools (social networks). Which means as activists we have our hands tied behind our backs. Even when we organise for our own struggles, if it is seen to be in any way against the state, it will fall under the category because we don’t know what leads to something to be seen as an act of terrorism or an act of insurgency or insurrection.

On Friday 23 July, ACT Ubumbano hosted a solidarity hub to reflect on the recent violence in KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng. Participants discussed the impacts of the violence on community organising, and they explored opportunities for new connections and solidarity action.

To watch full video, click here.