Report on the Mapping of Organisations involved in Community Organising and Social Justice in Southern Africa

Under the banner of the ACT Alliance South Africa, Church of Sweden, Bread for the World and Christian Aid (E3) have joined forces with Southern African partners in seeking new forms of solidarity action around Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Gender, Environmental and Economic Justice.

A key element of this process is building a “Solidarity Hub” (initially called “Solidarity Platform”). The Hub is the focal point for interaction, learning and dialogue amongst local and international partners and allies seeking to engage in deepening solidarity, knowledge and practice in the field. This reflection informs new and existing programmatic action that is rooted in the communities partnering organisations work with, and that builds solidarity across the global south and north. The objective of this change process is to explore new models of solidarity and collaboration between European development organisations and CSOs in South Africa and Southern Africa.

As part of the process, this scoping study was conducted to explore more what these participating organisations are currently doing to address inequality and poverty in the region. The key objectives of the Scoping Study are:

  1. To map and profile the 30 ACT Alliance partner organisations in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique;
  2. To deepen the understanding of the community organisations and the methodologies that partner organisations are utilising to engage with the communities, including thematic areas;
  3. To analyse and assess different methodologies utilised, including the analysis of what works and what does not work;
  4. To explore ways in which ACT Alliance could engage with participating organisations and how to best support them in order to contribute towards new solidarity action that is rooted in the communities they seek to serve.