The Durban South Community Advice Centre (DSCAC) made an application to the Act Ubumbano Solidarity Fund, to support the role out of the Active Citizenship Programme in KZN, Durban, Ward 68. A grant amount of R19 000 was allocated to the implementation of the programme.

The DSCAC Active Citizenship Programme

The aim of the programme is to strengthen and deepen the understanding of democratic practice in communities. This is so that people are more able and willing to participate in their own development and hold those in power, accountable to their roles and duties. Capacity is developed through conversations and workshops ; as well as providing support to local initiatives, events and campaigns that tackle socio-economic challenges being experienced by communities.

The programme is presently working with three groups of people:

  • The Merebank Secondary School who have chosen 8 scholars and an educator to participate on the programme
  • The Austerville Baptist Church Youth (ABC) who delegated 9 of its members to participate on the programme
  • The Battalion Youth, a Ward 68 community youth group that seconded 7 of its members to participate on the programme

The Active Citizenship Programme has 3 reporting areas

  • The Active Citizenship workshop
  • DSCAC project support
  • The budget

The Active Citizenship workshop

3.1 The aim of the workshop was to strengthen participants understanding of democracy, local government and active citizenship; also to support any community projects/events/campaigns that they come up with, that addresses some of the socio-economic challenges experienced in their communities. A total of 25 people participated in the workshop:

  • Merebank Secondary School: 9
  • ABC Youth: 9
  • Battalion Youth: 7

The workshop was held at the Merebank Secondary School Hall on Saturday, 08 July 2023. The workshop programme consisted of the following: