Concern About the Attacks on Human Rights Defenders in Brazil

We wish to express our deep concern at the increase in attacks on human rights defenders in your country, and to urge you to demonstrate your commitment to ending them by conducting a thorough and independent investigation to find the perpetrators of these crimes.

Ubumbano Solidarity is an initiative of the ACT Alliance in Southern Africa, and is a collaboration of 30 faith-based and non-governmental organisations in the region working for social justice. We believe that a fair, just and equal society is possible, but it demands that our governments – your government – commit to a plurality of views in the political arena, and works to safeguard the rights of those who champion the cause of marginalised and poor communities.

We stand in solidarity with those who bear the burden of injustice and violence in society. We urge that your government, and governments throughout the world, protect their citizens and carry out the mandate given them by their people to improve the lives of all.