Expressions of Interest

ACT Ubumbano is a network of Southern African and European organisations working for social justice. Among other strategies, we regularly convene platforms and spaces for conversations to explore new approaches to social justice work.

We are looking for the services of a Rapporteur to assist in capturing on record the discussions and decisions of our meetings. These meetings vary in size and form, from board-like discussions involving up to 15 people, to workshops and conferences with up to 60 people. The first of these takes place on 16-17 October 2019.

The following represent essential qualifications in a service provider:

  1. Fluency in spoken and written English
  2. Ability to accurately take minutes/capture verbal discussions in written form
  3. Familiarity with the language and concepts used in social justice and development discourse
  4. Discretion and integrity to keep confidentiality of sensitive discussions
  5. Experience in reporting or taking minutes

Given that most of the convenings take place in Gauteng, physical location in the province will be an advantage.

Interested individuals who fit the criteria above are invited to submit their bids by email only to by no later than 13h00 on Wednesday 11 September 2019.

Each bid should include a brief cover letter with the following:

  • An explanation of your suitability for the position,
  • An outline of how you manage the function of reporting,
  • Your timelines for delivery of a report/minutes (for example, how long does it take you to type up a two-day meeting)
  • Your fee structure.

Please include an extract or example of your previous work.

For more information on ACT Ubumbano, please visit our website at

Annual Career Exhibition at Imbali

By Ntwenhle Hadebe

On 17 August 2019, there was a 1st Annual Career Exhibition at Imbali Unit 14 Community Hall. This event was created by Luyanda Meyiwa and his colleagues to provide information and knowledge about careers offered by various institutions as well as development for learners. They invited community FET colleges and universities to give more information on career prospects.

Lack of Water While Women’s Day is Celebrated

It is women’s month, but in Sekhukhune, South Africa, we still see things that will break your heart. It is on 8 August 2019 just a few hours before Women’s Day but lack of water forced a local woman at Sekhukhune to go and do washing at Semene river. While other women enjoy the 9 August 2019, she will be tired as a result of spending the whole day from taking the water from the river using a bucket, pouring into the washing basins, washing the clothes and  collecting the water again to rinse the clothes and she is few meters from the river to wash without disturbances from animals.

She won’t be able to hang the clothes on the smaller trees to dry but will have to take them home while wet and she walks a distance from the river. Some of the cows that drink water from the river eat clothes and there is dust on the trees since August is not a raining month in Sekhukhune. She won’t celebrate women’s day like others because having no water makes her life difficult.

UN Youth Consultation Workshop

A two-day youth consultation workshop was coordinated by the UN South Africa to discuss the challenges, gaps, and recommendations towards the National Development Plan (NDP) 7 pillars from the youth perspective. Robust and constructive conversations took place whereby exploring different channels that the youth of SA could use to work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2030 Agenda. However, a recommendation was that the young people should embrace the ‘NOTHING FOR US, WITHOUT US” mantra meaning that youth need to participate in decision-making platforms and ensuring having youth in strategic UN positions to drive the youth agenda forward.

PACSA launches the Youth Street Survivors (YSS) program

The Pietermaritzburg Agency Community Social Action (PACSA), working within uMgungundlovu Municipality has launched its new Youth programme, called the Youth Street Survivors program.

The launch event was held on the 20th of June 2019, at the Mandela Park in the east of the Pietermaritzburg CBD. “I am happy with this level of attendance .The main intention is not to have the initiative only to be the initiative of June month, but everything we will be doing in all activities we must be able to say next year this time, here is a street survivor who has been able to make it to the mainstream of society and various spaces”, said Nqabakazi Mathe the PACSA Director YSS launch.

PACSA created a safe space where the youth living on the street can meet and share the ideas on problems facing them. The organisation has dedicated their efforts towards the information dissemination among the youth, towards the creation of platforms for networking.

“Nothing about us without us”, during the launch the streets survivors shared their stories, citing their daily struggles and their wishes for the future. “We are misunderstood, not all of us are pick-pocketing around the streets, and some of us are earning a living by helping carry groceries to the taxi ranks, wash cars, and fetch water for the taxi drivers. In the streets we are the victims of brutal violence if someone lost anything they come beat us up, without any clarity of whether was it me or whoever, we bear the blame that we are often not responsible for. Sometimes they burn our blankets” Nhlakanipho the YSS sharing his story at the launch. Some of them were looking for ways to stop using drugs, to which they are now addicted to.

(YSS playing soccer and netball with members of PACSA’s community partners/groups)

During the launch soccer, netball, teambuilding and board games were played by the community representatives, together with the YSS; the aim was to create mutual beneficial relations amongst the community and the youth street survivors. The YSS appreciated the initiative, to be able to get the rare opportunity to just have fun. They expressed that they were happy to take part in all the activities of the day. At the end of the launch, they were given clothes, blankets that had been donated by various organizations, businesses, individuals and by the Department of Sport and recreation.

PACSA have highlighted that these young people are a manifestation of the socio-economic problems that they experienced together with their families in the communities that has led to their marginalization. They are defenseless victims of brutal violence, sexual exploitation and sex tourism, abject neglect, chemical addiction, human trafficking and human rights violations. PACSA believes that urgent interventions are needed to reintegrate them with their communities and families.

Youth in the streets face a systematic discrimination and are at higher risk of being harmed and are denied a voice. Advocacy is at the hearts of our mission to build a world that protects and respects the youth who are at risk. We seek to journey with them, so that they may be able to advocate for themselves and to make sure they are listened to.


Donated blankets

Attendees of the YSS launch


Ubumbano Community Voice App

It was a decision from the first Solidarity Hub to create a platform for activists and community members to tell their stories of struggle without filter. ACT Ubumbano created an App and Website that carries these stories, and hopefully amplifies the voice of those who experience the brunt of injustice and exploitation. The Ubumbano Voice App is freely available for download, and the website is

This platform has attracted the interest of the Dobsonville Advice Office in Soweto and its partners, and they have convened an initial training session to get their network members to participate in getting the word out. From the training they have already collected a range of stories that can be accessed by clicking here.

In Durban, the Phephisa movement of survivors of gender-based violence convened a training session that generated great eagerness to use the platform not just for telling stories, but for advocacy as well.

If any community – geographic or otherwise – is interested in using this platform in their work, please get in touch with the office at

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